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Going to the highlands for a hunt requires you to walk for long periods. This walk, however, is not easy at all. Hence, it would be best to have a solid pair of upland hunting boots to aid your journey to the hunting field.

The boots need to be flexible and robust enough to withstand the rough upland terrain. But, more importantly, they need to have all the required features such as waterproofing, insulation (if it is cold), a solid grip, and a comfortable fit.

I have included a list of the ten best upland hunting boots made from durable materials. As mentioned, all these boots have features that reflect comfort, durability, and flexibility for the wearer.

Top 10 Best Upland Hunting Boots

The best upland hunting boots will keep your feet dry, have good air circulation for breathability, and protect against twisted ankles and blisters.

To do all of these, the boots need to have a good build and features for comfort, stability, and traction in all weather conditions.

Below I have some of the best boots options for upland that feature all the vital traits of a good hunting boot. Let’s check them out!

LaCrosse Atlas 1200 Insulated Upland Hunting Boots

Atlas 8 1200g isolated upland hunting boots

Starting with the LaCrosse Atlas, these insulated upland boots are best for harsh conditions. They provide the comfort, support, and durability needed.

The hunting boots weigh 4.6 pounds, offering a solid mass to withstand on-field wear and tear.

They are crafted out of Nubuck leather, further enhanced for abrasion resistance with a lightweight material on the upper. Even the toe cap is covered with molded rubber that has abrasion-resistant characteristics.

The rubber sole on the bottom provides a firm grip thanks to the LXG outsole formulated especially for a solid grip in all extreme conditions.

Whether you are on a wet or dry surface, you will experience superior traction due to the adaptable InfiniTrac lug pattern on the boot.

The Dry-Core lining proves to be an exceptional guard against water, keeping the feet dry in the wettest conditions.

For warmth in the cold and cool in the hot, the PrimaLoft Insulation does the job pretty well. You can get these hunting boots in a classy Mossy Oak Break-up Country color.

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Irish Setter Wingshooter Upland Hunting Boots

Wingshooter 808 leather hunting bootsby Irish Setter

The next in line for the best upland hunting boots are the Irish Setter Wingshooter. This one is made from 100% pure leather providing the aesthetics and the protection needed by a hunter.

The 2 pounds of lightweight allows for easy maneuvering in challenging conditions with little fatigue on the feet. The 1.25 inches heel and a 6.5 inches tall shaft keep the feet protected in rocky terrain.

The hunting boots not only proved ultra-comfort with its EVA midsole but also complete protection against water thanks to the UltraDry Waterproofing. It is known for its excellent fit and ultra-comfort with a firm grip and dry foot.

The boots are uninsulated, but the nylon lining keeps the temperature warm as well as promotes breathability. You can get this in a classic dark brown color that feels and looks great.

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Danner Vital Hunting Shoes

Vital upland hunting boots by Danner

A 7 inches tall shaft, 1.25 inches heel, and 0.5 inches platform make the Danner Vital hunting boots a perfect companion on the field. Weighing just 0.8 pounds, it is a treat to walk on.

The boots are made from 100% textile and leather giving them a refined and bold look. Both materials have abrasion resistance features, making the pair of boots durable and strong.

To avoid wet feet, discomfort the boots come equipped with Danner Dry waterproofing technology.

The rubber sole on the bottom allows for incredible grip on the ground and comfort for the feet.

The boots also sit tightly on foot thanks to the ghillies across the forefoot. It also features a mesh liner that keeps the temperature in control. Moreover, for enhanced stability, the TPU heel does an incredible job.

You can get this in three different colors, including Brown, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, and Realtree Edge.

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Irish Setter Havoc Upland Boots

Havoc upland hunting boots by Irish Setter

The Havoc from Irish Setter is one of the best upland hunting boots, mainly due to the athletic fit and extreme comfort it has to offer.

The boot is made from 100% leather and features a rubber sole. Weighing just 1.94 pounds, it is a perfect match for anyone looking for something easy on the foot with high-grade protection.

While the sole rubber provides a solid grip on almost any terrain, the leather on the upper provides protection and good looks.

It also provides the classic upland hunting boots grip featuring a FlexiLock construction. The boots do not have anything for insulation, but they have enough air channels to keep the feet breathing.

The PU footbed makes them extremely comfortable and suitable for long hours of trekking or walking. They come in a classy brown leathery color.

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Muck Boot Pursuit Shadow Hunting Boots

Muck Pursuit Shadow leightweight rubber hunting boots

The next in line is the Pursuit Shadow Upland Hunting Boots by Muck Boot. The upper of the boot is made from neoprene that is complemented by a rubber sole and bottom.

Again, you get to experience a comfortable 10-inch shaft from the arch. These are incredibly light on foot weighing only 1.4 pounds which is impressive given the shaft height.

The neoprene measures 5mm, which offers flexibility, comfort, heat retention, shock absorption, and waterproofing – everything that a hunter needs on the field.

The inside is no less, with the fleece lining providing a durable, soft, and warm environment. It also features a sock liner to keep the heat build-up due to friction in control.

The best thing about these upland hunting boots is the Scent-Masking technology. It keeps the odor in check that keeps you undiscoverable by the prey.

The boot is also highly comfortable with a pod outsole and lightweight EVA midsole complemented by soft cushioning.

To top it all, it keeps the water away thanks to 100% waterproofing. You can get this in three uniquely-named colors and patterns, including black, tall, and mid-height.

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Danner Bottomland Waterproof Hunting Boots

Danner Bottomland Recurve waterproof hunting boots

The full-grain leather upper on this upland hunting boot from Danner Bottomland gets the aesthetics from suede nylon details on top of it.

It’s a classic look and proves to be one of the best for hunters on the field. Weighing just 3.64 pounds, you can imagine the protection and walking comfort it offers.

You can get it for rainy seasons as well. That’s because it comes with Danner Dry waterproof lining that keeps the feet from getting wet.

Similarly, if the cold is unbearable, it won’t be a problem with the 400g Thinsulate insulation. The best part is that you can get this insulation as an optional feature only if you hunt in the cold.

The cushioning is made comfortable with a Vibram SPE midsole. This is further enhanced with a Vibram Recurve outsole that is equipped with Megagrip rubber.

As a result, traction is the steadiest with this upland hunting boot. You can get this in two different colors: Mossy Oak Original Bottomland – Full Grain and Nylon and Brown – Full Grain and Suede.

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Rocky Ranger Waterproof Hunting Boots

Rocky Ranger Insulated 800g Leather Hunting boots

The Rocky Ranger is a fully waterproof upland hunting boot made from a mix of leather and synthetic that has all the necessary features a hunter requires. It is based on a Goodyear welt construction that makes it suitable for literally any task.

The boot has a little bit of weight to it measuring 5.5 pounds, but the built and structure evenly balances it out throughout the feet.

The rubber sole has a slip and oil-resistant features that make for an incredible grip, even in extreme conditions. Comfort is taken to another level thanks to the fiberglass shank and the Gore-Tex waterproofing.

The boot helps you stay stable in some of the most unstable conditions. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about water getting in and making your feet wet at all.

It comes in a classic chocolaty leather brown color that can turn eyes even on the field.

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Danner Powderhorn Hunting Boots

Powderhorn Insulated 1000g leather hunting boots

Another one from Danner is the Powderhorn Upland Hunting Boots that offers all the protection your feet need on the field.

The boots weigh 5 pounds, making them tough and heavy enough to withstand routine wear and tear even in extreme conditions.

The upper is made from 100% full-grain leather, which makes for an incredible look. To keep the water away, the boots have the standard Gore-Tex waterproof lining that lets the feet breathe and keeps them dry.

To counter harsh weather conditions in winters, it comes equipped with 1000G Thinsulate Ultra Insulation that keeps the temperature in check.

You also get open-cell cushioning that makes it impressively easy and soft on the feet. For greater stability, Danner has added a Bi-Fit stability board that makes it more comfortable and reduces weight.

You won’t have any trouble walking on these in rugged terrains and weather conditions, thanks to the ultra-durable traction of the outsole. The boots come in a bold medium brown color.

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Irish Setter Realtree Edge Hunting Boots

Realtree mid-calf hunting boots by Irish Setter

These Irish Setter upland hunting boots have been updated with all the new technologies that allow for enhanced durability, improved terrain traction, and incredible comfort throughout the day.

The best part about the hunting boots is that despite all the great features, they weigh only 2.87 pounds.

The upper of the boot is made from full-grain leather and nylon, which have abrasion-resistant characteristics. Both materials also help to keep the feet dry by blocking the way for water.

The rubber sole has a bi-directional lug pattern on the outside that provides incredible balance for outstanding traction on rough terrain.

This boot also has ScentBan technology that keeps you hidden from the prey. The calf-high shaft makes the boot sit perfectly on the feet.

If you usually feel pressure on your shin while on the hunt, this boot solves the problem with its CuShin Comfort tongue technology.

You can get it in four unique designs and color combinations, including mossy oak and Realtree edge.

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Huntrite Insulated Waterproof Hunting Boots

huntrite medium 1200g insulated upland hunting boots

The last on the list is the Huntrite Insulated Waterproof Hunting Boots. The boots have been termed as “ll-purpose” “by the company, and rightly so.

They have nylon complemented full-grain leather uppers with a solid build making them durable. Weighing just 2.4 pounds, these are easily one of the best lightweight upland hunting boots.

For insulation against harsh cold weather, you get a 1,200-gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation. It also comes equipped with a waterproof membrane that keeps the water out.

You can put them on and off quite easily, thanks to the pull-on loop on the rear of the boot. The shank on this one is made from steel enhances the support your feet get from the boot.

For breathability, it has a wicking mesh lining that keeps the moisture in check. The outsole is incredible for traction as it has oil-resistant characteristics and is made from dual-density rugged rubber.

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What Makes the Best Upland Boots

All the essential features of some of the best upland hunting boots I have reviewed above must have given you some idea about what to expect from good hunting boots.

In addition, here are some crucial factors that must not be overlooked:

Durable Material

Simply put, if the material on your upland hunting boots is not among the best, the boots are not worth it. The rough terrain and extreme weather conditions call for a durably built boot using premium materials such as leather, synthetic, and textile.

The rubber used on the sole also needs to be of excellent quality since it goes through intense wear and tears on the field.

rubber sole boots

The durable material alone won’t do the trick. It is also vital that the material used to bring the durable materials together is of solid quality as well. Of course, I am talking about the stitching here that should be well crafted.

Then comes the inside. If the midsole and footbed aren’t made of soft cushioning materials, you won’t be able to go far without your feet getting tired.

As a result, a long day on the field could turn to a few hours long only.


Unless you are unsure if you will be using the hunting boots in the cold, you can make do with a non-insulated boot.

However, if your hunting environment is going to have deep snow and cold-water streams, you definitely need a well-insulated hunting boot. It keeps the feet warm and protected from the fierce cold.

Wearing insulated hunting boots in the field

Wearing an uninsulated boot in a cold environment will simply ruin the whole hunting experience. Similar will be the case if you take a pair of insulated hunting boots in hot weather conditions.

In both cases, you will feel discomfort, and your overall hunting performance will be affected negatively.


Like I talked about durable footbed and sole material for comfort on a long hunting day, it is also important that the hunting boots have some features to enhance the comfort.

The rough terrains, especially rocky areas, put a lot of train on feet with possibilities of injuries.

your hunting boots must be comfortable

Here a comfortable footbed will work; however, you would need more protection. Technologies that make shin cushioning and sole movement along the feet make it a treat to walk on rocky terrains.

As a result, you must look for hunting boots with the latest tech and features installed if you are sure your hunting terrain will be extremely difficult and full of rocks.


Water in areas where it is not required can become a hassle. Experienced hunters can tell the intensity of the ordeal a hunter has to face if the feet get wet, especially if the water is cold.

The best inline upland hunting boots come with the market standard – Gore-Tex lining, which is what you should look for as well.

Gore-Tex lining construction

It keeps the water out, making your experience pleasurable even if there are several stream crossings or water pounds.

I have mentioned some of the best upland hunting boots in this review that are also waterproof. You can wear them in extreme weather conditions, hot or cold.


Heavyweight hunting boots are simply a no-go because they can put a lot of strain on the feet.

However, when I say lightweight, I don’t just mean boots with less weight but also feel light.

This means that some upland hunting boots can weigh a bit on the heavier side. But their structure, build and features evenly balance out the weight throughout the feet.

your boots should feel light

As a result, they will also feel lighter than their actual weight and do the job well. Hunters who hunt in the uplands know the importance of lightweight hunting boots.

Still, you need to keep in mind that the lightweight should not come at the cost of other important features such as waterproofing and insulation.


Breathability is extremely important, especially when the upland hunting trail has hot weather conditions. The moisture that is collected on the feet needs a way out; otherwise, it becomes a hassle.

As a result, the best upland hunting boots have enough spacing for air circulation that ensures the moisture and breathability stay in control.


A hunting boot that doesn’t fit well on the feet will disrupt your walking stance, stability and easily tire out the feet. On the contrary, a boot that grips well not just on the surface but also on your foot can take you far.

how to measure shoe size

More importantly, a perfect fit saves you from twisted ankles and blisters. So, a good lace-up feature, combined with proper cushioning and shoe structure, is a must when looking for the best upland hunting boots.

Upland Hunting Boots FAQs

Why are boots important for upland and bird hunting?

Boots are essentially important to give you the stability, balance, and protection required on the hunting field. Your feet are always on the ground and need to be protected from rough terrains, harsh weather conditions, and possibilities of blisters and twisted ankles.

Are full-grain leather boots good for upland hunting?

Full-grain leather boots offer not only a good-looking pair of boots but also a durable material that can last you long if you maintain the leather properly. It is the choice of many hunters for upland hunting.

Should I choose lightweight or heavyweight upland boots?

The first choice of any hunter is lightweight hunting boots. However, weight can be increased depending on your need and the type of terrain you are on. Some lightweight boots work amazing in the harshest weather conditions as well. Meanwhile, some heavyweight hunting boots offer more features and can withstand greater wear and tear.

Will waterproof boots will keep my feet dry?

The standard Gore-Tex lining is used in most upland hunting boots to keep the feet dry. In addition, some popular brands have developed their own waterproofing technologies, which work equally well in keeping your feet dry.

Are Gore-Tex lining boots completely waterproof?

Yes, Gore-Tex lining, which is used in many waterproof upland hunting boots, completely blocks the water out of the boot. So a boot that has Gore-Tex lining will keep your feet dry no matter how hard it rains.

What’s the most durable material for upland hunting boots?

Most upland hunting boots are made from leather, synthetic, and textile. Leather is the most durable material. It is sometimes used in combination with other materials such as nylon textile and sometimes as a mix with synthetic.

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