How to Pick the Best Hunting Gloves

best hunting gloves guide

Choosing the perfect pair of hunting gloves you can wear can make the difference between a missed and a successful shot.

Of course, how you perform on the hunting field depends on what you know about hunting. But having the right equipment is crucial for a successful hunt.

In this post, I’ve reviewed the ten best hunting gloves and explained how to choose a type that’s going to be your best friend on the field!

Things to Consider Before Buying Hunting Gloves

When you are out on the hunting field, all body parts need protection, especially the hands and the feet, as they do most of the work.

Gloves are incredibly necessary hunting gear you can wear that keeps the unwanted away, grips what you want, and protects the hands.

hunting gloves usage and hands protection

But before purchasing a hunting glove, you should consider your needs. For instance, if you are going to hunt in a cold environment, an insulated glove will work best.

Or, if your hunting field experiences a lot of rain and water crossings, wearing a waterproof glove can save the day.

Moreover, your hunting style matters when considering factors before choosing gauntlets for hunting. For example, a fingerless or half-finger glove might be more practical if you require tactile benefits on the hunting field.

Top 10 Best Hunting Gloves

An experienced hunter can tell you how important it is to have the right gear for the hunt. Having the best hunting knife, bow, or rifle won’t work to its true potential if you don’t have the proper gloves designated for hunting and perfect for the specific conditions and needs.

Let’s now move on to reviewing some of the best hunting gloves that are out there.

Sitka Fanatic Whitetail Optifade Elevated II Hunting Gloves

sitka fanatic whitetail optifade elevated II hunting gloves

The first in line is a durable pair of hunting gloves by Sitka. They are made in the United States and come with a durable leather pull that allows for easy wear and un-wear.

The gloves feature a pull-on closure and are great to make the hunting experience pleasant.

Featuring a half-finger design, the glove provides a perfect combination of warmth and tactical benefits. The fabric used on the gloves is a four-way stretch woven polyester, which is extremely durable.

They also act as a guard against water thanks to the water repellent finish that can easily resist light rainfall. They weigh only 1.6 oz making it easy on the hands.

You can get it in Elevated II color only that has the Gore concealment pattern.

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Under Armour Primer Hunting Gloves

Under Armour Primer SC fingerless hunting gloves

Made from one hundred percent fibers, the Under Armour Primer Hunting Glove is a hunter’s best friend against the cold, odors, and water.

The gloves feature Scent Control technology by Under Armour that enhances performance on the field. More importantly, the gloves keep your hands warm by retaining body heat thanks to the thermo-conductive coat on the inside.

To keep snow and water out of the gloves, Under Armour has used a UA Storm finish that also keeps air circulation in check.

You can also use touchscreen devices with it, which makes it extremely convenient. The gloves are weighed 8.1 oz and have knuckle paddings for extra comfort.

You can get this in two exciting colors: Ridge Reaper Camo Forest and Realtree Ap-Xtra.

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Mechanix Wear Synthetic Leather Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Wear full-finger camouflage hunting gloves

This tactical pair of hunting gloves by Mechanix Wear has proved to be one of the most versatile designs in the hand protection industry.

It is made from durable synthetic leather, making it perform well against regular wear and tear.

The gloves feature a combination of MultiCam camouflage and TrekDry material for form-fitting that enhances comfort and allows for better temperature management.

They sit perfectly on the hands’ thanks to the secure hook and loop closure made from Thermal Plastic Rubber.

Mechanix Wear went a step ahead to make glove storage easier by adding a nylon web loop. All the comfort is made superior by their lightweight, which is just 3 oz.

You can get a pair of these in five amazing colors, including black, brown, grey, Camouflage – MultiCam, and Camouflage – Woodland Camo.

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First Lite Shale Touch Lightweight Hunting Gloves

First Lite shale dry earth hunting gloves

These hunting gloves are lightweight, and you can use them on a touchscreen. If you are still not convinced, their incredible structure will win your heart as it enhances dexterity and comfort.

They also feature a low-profile cuff that not only looks sleek but also improves protection and warmth. You will never experience debris or rocks getting in the glove if they are tightly closed on the wrist.

The gloves come in four different colors and combinations, which include: Dry Earth, Hunter Orange, First Lite Cipher, and First Lite Fusion.

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Sitka Gear Gradient Stretch Fleece Hunting Gloves

Sitka Stretch fleece camouflage hunting glove

The Gradient Stretch hunting gloves from Sitka Gear are a gamer changer. From a pull-on closure to featuring conductive technology for touchscreen support, the gloves have it all.

The Waterfowl March and Timber concealments take blind hunting to the next level with their effective patterns. The lightweight, 1.4 oz, makes tasks easier and quicker to perform.

The gloves are made from a super-stretch polyester knit fabric that is highly durable. To keep the inside temperature in check, they feature a microfiber fleece.

The material also provides ample dexterity that allows the use of a shotgun as well. Scent neutralization is incredible from this pair of gloves, thanks to the use of Polygiene technology.

You can get a hold of this pair in two color patterns: Optifade Timer And Optifade Waterfowl.

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Under Armour Early Season Fleece Gloves

under armour early season fleece glove

The Under Armour Early Season Fleece Gloves are made from a mix of polyester (90%) and elastane (10%). The hunting gloves feature an Armour Fleece construction that makes them perfect on field conditions.

At just 4 oz, the gloves are very light on the hand. The fleece also keeps the hands warm and dries out pretty quickly when washed or wet.

However, you won’t have to worry much about the water, thanks to the UA Storm technology that helps to repel water. Furthermore, it does it at no compromise of air circulation, which keeps the temperature optimal.

The overall glove feels great and comfortable and can be used on touchscreens as well. It comes in four different camo designs and colors, including Real Tree Edge and three different shades of Ua Forest Camo.

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Spika Camouflage Fingerless Hunting Gloves

spika fingerless camouflage hunting gloves

The silicone used on the palm of Spika’s Camouflage Fingerless Hunting Gloves has anti-slip characteristics that allow for incredible grip.

Moreover, the glove also sits tight on your hand thanks to the Velcro Strip that is adjustable on the wrist.

The material used is very breathable and keeps the moisture in control. The glove has proven to be an all-around performer that can be used in both cold and hot weather conditions.

You can use your touchscreen devices with ease, thanks to the fingerless design. If you are looking for a solid balance between protection and agility, this is the one.

You can even get a full-finger version if that’s your requirement.

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Glacier Full-Fingered Fleece Lined Gloves

glacier Aleutian full-finger fleece hunting gloves

Whether you are in windy, cold, or rainy conditions, the Glacier Full-Fingered Fleece Lined Gloves will keep you dry, warm, and comfortable.

The Neoprene used to make them has 2MM Fleece Lined, which gives them the waterproofing characteristics to help you avoid the discomfort of wet hands on the hunting field.

The palms feature a sharkskin texture that enhances the grip as well as provides protection. The glove is also warm, making it perfect for cold conditions.

You can get your hands on this one in MAX-5 Camo color design.

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Huntworth Heavyweight Insulated Hunting Gloves

Huntworth heavy-weight white-camo hunting gloves

The next in line for review are the Heavyweight Insulated Hunting Gloves by Huntworth.

It features a hook and loop closure and is considered heavyweight hunting gloves for heavy-duty tasks. As a result, it is fine to expect durability and high protection from this pair of gloves.

It has a Velcro pocket where you can insert a heat pack to keep your hands warm in cold conditions. The palm is equipped with a grip-tex patch that provides a solid grip.

To keep the scent at bay, it uses a Microban antimicrobial treated tricot lining. The waterproofing works effectively to keep the water out, thanks to the HydraShiled that it comes with.

The gloves are a bit heavy, but they serve the purpose for what they are made: heavy-duty tasks! You can get a pair in four different colors: Hidden, Hidden Camo, Blaze Orange, Snow Camo.

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Eamber Camouflage Full-Finger Hunting Gloves

Eamber full-finger camouflage hunting gloves

This camouflage full-finger masterpiece hunting glove from Eamber is made from a mix of thin fleece and soft polyester that ensures comfort, warmth, and flexibility.

The fleece also allows for optimal air circulation for increased breathability.

The fingerless design allows for greater practicality on the field without having to take the glove off. The anti-slip silicone mesh on the palm ensures that whatever you grab stays in your hands.

The gloves are also extremely light, measuring just 1.45 oz. You can get them in just one camouflage design/color.

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Different Types of Hunting Gloves

When you are shopping for hunting gloves, you need to have the perfect knowledge about your options. The first important factor to consider is the type of hunting glove you need to wear.

Full-Length Hunting Gloves

Full-length hunting gloves are suitable for all seasons and conditions. Your hands get full cover protection and the warmth that is required in the cold.

full-length finger hunting glove

They provide ample protection from potential injuries and are quite flexible. However, some gloves might not be flexible enough or won’t have touchscreen support.

Fingerless Hunting Gloves

A fingerless hunting glove is a perfect match for anyone who wants a balance between protection and tactical benefits. Having fingers uncovered allows you easily use navigation touchscreens, operate hunting equipment, and keep the fingers cool.

fingerless hunting glove example

However, this type of gloves is not suitable to wear for cold weather as your fingers are literally uncovered. If you are a bow hunter or into deer shooting, this is the one for you.


Mittens are the warmest type of gloves you will find. They are perfect for extremely cold weather environments. However, the extra warmth of mittens comes at the cost of low dexterity.

mittens hunting gloves example

Mittens won’t allow you to use the hunting equipment or grab things easily. The discomfort can make it difficult on the field; however, they still perform incredibly against the cold.

Things to Look For in the Best Hunting Gloves

Once you have decided the type of hunting glove you need, the next important thing is to look for the right features.

Your Hunting Gloves Should be Waterproof

If you are going to a hunt field that experiences a lot of rain or snow, your gloves need to be waterproof. It is vital to keep your hands dry as wet fingers can be a source of uneasiness.

At the very least, your hunting gloves should have some water-repellent lining even if you are hunting in a low rainfall zone because you never know when the next spill is going to happen.

They Must be Durable

Durability is vital for hunters, whether it’s hunting boots, gloves, or knives. Imagine the ordeal one might have to go through if the gloves tear upon the field.

As a result, you need a pair that provides ample protection and can last long. Neoprene and leather is a solid material contender for durable gloves. However, there are other good options as well.

Your Hand Should Feel Comfortable

Waterproofing, protection, and durability won’t matter if they all come at the cost of an uncomfortable pair of gloves. Being a hunter, you need full focus and attention on the field.

An uncomfortable pair on the hands can distract you throughout the journey and can lead to potential hunt losses.

Insulated Gloves are Excellent for Cold Weather

Insulation is necessary if you are going to hunt in low-temperature zones. The cold weather can be harsh on your hands and can significantly impact performance on the field.

the best hunting gloves for cold weather are insulated

Currently, there are several insulation options to choose from, of which the most popular are PrimaLoft and Thinsulate insulation. Fleece and wool insulation have also proved to provide warmth against the cold.

The Best Hunting Glove Materials

Now that we have discussed some important features let’s discuss the best hunting glove materials and their characteristics.


Gore-Tex is a water-resistant fabric that is durable, warm, and windproof. It has been increasingly used in hunting equipment such as boots and gloves to keep the water out.

A Gore-Tex lining on your hunting glove can easily save the day. The material is also comfortable thanks to its lightweight and high breathability.


Wool is naturally a great insulator. It not only keeps the hands warm but also provides a soft, comfortable feeling if not pricked.

Most brands use wool in their winter collections as it provides good protection against the cold. Just make sure that the hunting glove has wool with a high level of softness.


Leather is considered the most durable material for hunting gloves. It offers the firm protection a hunter looks for on the field. More importantly, leather gloves fit very well on the hands.

However, this compromises the breathability of the gloves to some extent. Therefore, most hunters for leather gloves when hunting in the cold.


When it comes to hunting glove materials, fleece is a hand’s best friend. This is because the fleece is warm, highly breathable, and lightweight.

The best thing about fleece is that it does not irritate the skin at all, no matter how sensitive. Fleece hunting gloves don’t cost much either. However, this comes at the compromise of low durability and no water resistance.

Hunting Gloves FAQs

What are the best hunting gloves for cold weather?

The best hunting gloves to wear for cold weather are insulated and provide the warmth, comfort, and protection necessary in cold weather. Wool is a good material used for insulation in most winter gloves.

How to find the right size and fit for my hunting gloves?

Hunting gloves come in all different sizes. You can refer to the size chart measurements. Fleece gloves fit the best on hands. However, they decrease dexterity a bit.

What is the best shooting gloves type for hunting?

If you are shooting for a hunt, a fingerless or half-finger glove will work best as it allows for easier pulling of the trigger. However, if the weather is cold, you can always go for thin full-fingered gloves that have high dexterity.

Are insulated gloves good for winter hunting?

Yes, insulated gloves provide warmth and comfort when it’s cold outside. It keeps the hand comfortable enough to carry out routine tasks on the hunting field. Not ideal for hot weather conditions.

Are Gore-Tex lining gloves completely waterproof?

The Gore-Tex lining does not allow any water to enter the glove. Apart from being waterproof, they also have high breathability and are windproof as well.

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