Best Hunting Knife Brands

best hunting knife brands

Numerous hunting knife brands exist out there. Some claim to be all-purpose knife manufacturers, while others market themselves as specialists when it comes to hunting knives.

Regardless of all the hype that comes with each hunting knife brand, it’s important to assess if the knife brand will suit your needs out in the field.

This, of course, is easier said than done. Тhere is so much information available online that it becomes difficult to make the right choice and even make the whole process overwhelming.

Things to Consider when Looking for the Best Hunting Knife Brands

I’ve tried to make it easier for you by compiling a guide to the best hunting knife brands, enabling you to make informed decisions.

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But before we dive into that, though, here are five factors that will remind you of what to look for when shopping for a hunting knife:

  1. Are the blades made of durable materials capable of withstanding the wear and tear associated with hard use while hunting?
  2. Is the brand manufacturing blade shapes that are suitable for the field-dressing game?
  3. Are the handles capable of maintaining their grip even after exposure to rain, viscera, or blood at any temperature?
  4. Is it easy to maintain the knives after you use them in the field?
  5. Are the knives affordable considering the features incorporated in them?

In line with the above five factors, the following brands perfectly fit the definition of excellence when it comes to the manufacture of hunting knives:

Buck Hunting Knife

If you prefer an established brand, this company has been in business for way long.

In fact, the name Buck Knives now describes a very specific type of knife: a hunting knife with a wooden handle and a clip point blade. The company manufactures high-quality hunting knives with a simple design with few extra features.

They seldom utilize the latest technology, preferring to keep what they know has worked in the past. In the same way that Swiss Army knives haven’t changed much over the years, so Buck hasn’t changed their tried and tested design very much over time.

Browning Hunting Knife

These are finely crafted knives and exhibit high standards when it comes to design. It is an easy fact to confirm if you closely compare any of your previously owned knives with one of Browning.

Browning knives’ precision “fit and finish” feature enhances their look and improves overall performance. Browning knives are made with high-quality materials, including high-grade, durable stainless steel, hence putting them a cut above the rest.

Cutco Hunting Knife

Cutco Hunting knifeThese hunting knives are made in America, for American conditions.

They are capable of withstanding anything that the great outdoors may throw at you. You can select from a range of hunting and outdoor knives in their super-sharp range.

You’ll find one for any use, from dressing and skinning your kill in the field to clearing a path or campsite.

Case Hunting Knives

Case Hunting knifeAs a trusted American manufacturer, Case has been manufacturing high-quality traditional knives since 1889.

Case hunting knives are the real deal because they design each knife with quality in mind, crafted expressly for hunting.

You can trust Case for all your knife requirements ranging from collectibles to fixed blade knives and folders.

Gerber Hunting Knife

Gerber Hunting knifeIt’s undeniable that Gerber makes high-quality hunting knives as it invests much time and effort into their design.

This guarantees that they are lots of fun and easy to work with when it comes to hunting.

Gerber is involved in designing and manufacturing an array of fixed, assisted opening, folding, and automatic opening knives. Which are, of course, meant for various activities.

Kershaw Hunting Knife

Kershaw Hunting knifeKershaw is one of the biggest names in the industry. They manufacture a wide variety of perfectly crafted knife models.

Like other top-rated hunting knives, Kershaw hunting knives are made with the hunter’s needs in mind, particularly concerning the blade.

This makes them among the most innovative and popular in the industry. Carrying the legendary logo “shaving sharp,” Kershaw products command worldwide respect.

Benchmade Hunting Knife

Benchmade Hunting knifeHave you ever served in the military? If you have, you must be familiar with this knife brand with its distinctive butterfly logo.

It formed part of the target kit for all the Green Berets. Known for their hardness and durability, Benchmade knives formed a special part of the Special Forces operators’ gear.

Under their use, these knives took a beating yet still performed optimally. Benchmade’s simple formula is to manufacture their knives using high-quality alloys for the blades.

This means that you get an extremely durable, reliable, and long-lasting knife.

Spyderco Hunting Knife

Spyderco Hunting knifeThese knives first became popular with kayakers and first responders, such as emergency medical technicians who required knives that could be used to cut ropes and seat belts quickly and efficiently.

Among Spyderco’s most popular blades are the serrated blade type. It has since become the preferred choice for those who’d like blades with few to no sharpening needs, which is often the case with a straight-edged blade.

Spyderco has experimented with a variety of alloys and shapes. This has resulted in knives of exceptional sharpness and durability, making them an excellent brand for hunters.

Elk Ridge Hunting Knives

Elk Ridge is an emerging brand representing excellent build quality and hence giving you good value for money.

Most of their knives are comprised of 440 stainless steel and exhibit well-thought-out designs. If you’re looking for a working man’s tool at an affordable price or you’re just out for a good-looking knife, this brand can be the right choice for you.

Red Deer Hunting Knife

Red deer hunting knife

Red Deer has a collection of knives with a combination of wood handle knives, skinning knives, bone handle knives, and gut hook knives.

The full-tang blades are razor sharp to the touch and made of 440 stainless steel. The knives’ sheaths are manufactured from leather. They are highly attractive and durable.

Puma Hunting Knives

Puma Hunting knifeAlthough included as a bonus on the list, they are still worth the mention. Puma’s knives have been specifically designed and crafted with the hunter’s needs in mind.

Puma offers some of the most original German blade knives on the market. All their hunting knives feature 1.4116 German Cutlery Steel (Rockwell tested at 55-57). Also, each knife is subject to a hardness test and has a proof mark.

The beautiful handle material varies. It’s usually being made of genuine micarta, white bone, stag, jacaranda wood, brown jigged bone, and zebrawood. The company also offers various combo sets comprising of caping and skinning knives together.

Which Brand is Best?

That’s a good question, but unfortunately, I don’t have one answer. I know plenty of huntsmen who will swear blind that Buck produces the best hunting knives ever made.

Others, on the other hand, will loudly praise the virtues of Cutco, Benchmade, or Kershaw, for hours on end.

From my personal experience, I can tell you that finding a hunting knife brand that you can learn to trust and rely on is a matter of trial and error.

You can be sure that all the hunting knife brands on this list have are here for their high-quality and superb functionality. The choice is yours.

Rest assured that discovering which brand, or brands, of hunting knife is the best for you can be a whole load of fun. Enjoy!

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